An Infinite Flight Virtual Airline

The Pride of Brasil

Azul Virtual is a Brazilian based airline with a diverse fleet to fly anywhere across the globe. If a new adventure is what you seek along with a variety of routes, we are looking for you!


Azul Virtual is now using Flare for its Crew Center. It's well tested and fits right along with an easy way of life.

Diverse Fleet

Whether its commercial, corporate, or shipping, Azul Virtual has it covered whether its a short or long haul. 


Realism will be a big part of the VA considering any route flown and filed must be on the Expert Server. 


With over 150 destinations worldwide, Azul Virtual can get you there. 

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon shows multiple contrasts between the historical and modern, combining different cultures, trends and lifestyles. Situated near the Tagus river and sunny almost all the time, the Portuguese capital has a unique beauty and an internationally acclaimed architectural singularity.

Madrid, Spain

The city is home to the largest Royal Palace in the world and other beautiful landmarks like Plaza Mayor, El Prado Museum and Real Madrid’s Bernabeu Stadium. Each neighborhood of Madrid is distinct and unique, from funky-alternative Malasaña to chic and high-end Salamanca.

Frankfurt, Germany

The financial centre, the European city, the traffic hub, the smallest metropolis in the world. When you think of the city on the Main, you think of the Paulskirche and Goethe, the Stock Exchange, the Book Fair and the skyline. No doubt about it: Frankfurt brings opposites together.

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Azul Virtual has no affiliation with Azul Linhas Bereas Airlines. Azul Virtual is used for entertainment only on the Infinite Flight Mobile Flight Simulation Platform. Any use of Azul logos or logos of their partners is strictly for entertainment under Infinite Flight Copyright Permissions